‘Love & Hip-Hop’ star Cardi B had the *best* things to say about being a feminist and a Black Latina woman

We’re always so here for it when a new celeb announces their feminism, especially when it seems particularly thoughtful and embedded in their identity. Rapper and Love & Hip-Hop star Cardi B is one such celeb. She recently spoke with Latina about her feminist identity and how it intersects with her identity as a Black Latina woman, and it’s so moving, and *so* important.

Cardi B opened up about her feminism, and we’re SO on board.

When asked if she’s a feminist, she said, “I think so. I support every type of woman. A lot of people claim they are feminists, but they only support a certain type of woman: only doctors, nurses, career women. I support women getting money, regardless. I support women that have the career, went to college.  I support them all. So I guess you could consider me a feminist. I never labeled myself it, but that’s what they call me, so I guess I am.”


She raises super important, and seriously relevant issues about what it means to come to terms with being a feminist and identifying with the label. Plus, we’re here for supporting women no matter what there career!

She also opened up about backlash she’s dealt with from “white feminists” who don’t think she’s a good role model.

“The reason they don’t like me or don’t consider me a feminist is because I’m not ideal to them. But that’s why I say they not real,” she told Latina. “If you don’t support all women, then you’re not a real feminist. If in order to consider someone a feminist, they have to had gone to college, got degrees, own companies, then that’s not real. Why can’t someone who came from the bottom, who has a dark past, not achieve?”


We *love* this because the last thing we want is for feminism to become a space where you have to have had a certain number of successes or accomplishments to “count.” That’s not what feminism is about at all, and we love the way Cardi B explains this issue.

Sending love your way, Cardi B!


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