We love everything about Amina Mucciolo’s colorful bikini pic

Amnia Mucciolo is self-described “unicorn” and “human rainbow” who creates unique handmade decorations. Everything about her Insta page is colorful and bubbly (like she literally has a cute pic of blowing bubbles).

But her beauty doesn’t just come from the bright colors she sports in her outfits and her creations. She also has a wonderful body-positive message for all of her followers. In a recent post, she put up a mirror selfie in a bikini looking completely stunning as expected.

Yet it wasn’t her gorgeous glow that she wanted people to focus on. Her caption has a beautiful message about her own journey towards self-confidence and her own struggles with her body image. She writes:

“Every time I put on a #bikini it feels like I’m making up for all of the years that I avoided beaches and pool parties because I was ashamed of my body ???. I purchased my first bathing suit just last year, and now I’m obsessed! Head to www.youtube.com/tasselfairy to see my latest adventures in swimwear shopping and #selfacceptance ??✌?️?”

The fact that she’s gone from never owning a swimsuit to having videos online about her own swimwear shopping adventures (a task that is not usually delightful for anyone) is totally inspiring. And looking at how confident and comfortable she looks in that baby blue bikini (that flatters her shape perfectly tbh), it’s hard to imagine she would ever consider not wearing it.

Mucciolo is a beautiful example of what can happen when you become more confident in your own skin and accept the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and (swimsuit) sizes. It’s exciting to see that women everywhere are starting to own their badass selves, even during the traditionally nerve-wracking “swimsuit season.”


Keep up the good work, Mucciolo. You’re fierce and we are loving it.

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