We love these double buns that Britney rocked so much we learned how to do them

We really don’t need to tell anyone that Britney Spears has been killing it lately, but seriously, she’s been killing it. From her new album, Glory, that had us dancing around our house all weekend to her incredible performance at the VMAs, 2016 is totally the year of Britney. And can we also say that Britney has been slaying on the fashion front as well.

Check Britney out rocking these fab double buns in NYC this weekend.

We’re sure our favorite pop goddess was in New York for the VMA’s, and she looked like she had a fabulous Saturday in the Big Apple. We love her casual, fun look, but most of all, we love the double buns that are fun, but also so fashionable.

We know Britney is getting all of the attention for her incredible VMAs look, but we want everyone to take a moment to appreciate her casual style as well!

Now that we’ve (almost) mastered the perfect messy bun, we are totally loving the new trend that has the sassiness of pigtails with the chic messiness of our favorite bun.

We love this trend so much, we learned how to do them. Check out this tutorial video:


Here are the steps:

Gather your comb, bobby pins and hair ties.

  1. 1 — Split your hair down the middle.
  2. 2 — Put your hair in two pigtails.
  3. 3 — Use your hand to tease your hair.
  4. 4 — Wrap the hair around into a bun and pin.
  5. 5 –Repeat on the other side.

Somehow, we think that won’t be quite as easy as it looks, but we will give it our all in order to get this chic look.

But sometimes, getting our hair to cooperate feels a little like this.


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