Here’s what we think will happen to our favorite characters in the “Love Actually” sequel

In case you haven’t heard already, there’s going to be a sequel to Love Actually. Most of our faves (minus Alan Rickman, sob) are returning for the 10-minute short film, which is being created for British charity Comic Relief and will be titled Red Nose Day Actually — a nod to the organization’s “Red Nose Day.”

As you can probably imagine, we’re still screaming with glee by the idea of seeing all our favorite Love Actually couples again. Reportedly, Hugh Grant (David), Martine McCutcheon (Natalie), Keira Knightley (Juliet), Liam Neeson (Daniel), Colin Firth (Jamie), Andrew Lincoln (Mark), Lucia Moniz (Aurelia), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Sam), Olivia Olson (Joanna), Bill Nighy (Billy Mack), Marcus Brigstocke (Mikey the D.J.), and Rowan Atkinson (Rufus) are ALL slated to appear.

The only thing we’re even a little bit sad about is that the film is so short, but you can do a lot on 10 minutes…like a one-minute “Where Are They Now?” segment on each couple whose actors are back for the fun. Which we’d be totally down for. And just for funsies, we’re SO excited that we couldn’t wait to make our own guesses about this. Here we go!

1Jamie and Aurelia


These two barely even spoke to each other before they realized they were in love, but they learned different languages to be able to communicate and we truly hope whatever they learned via spoken word was enough to carry them.

Prediction: Aurelia owns her own café and homeschools two daughters, whom the couple is raising to be trilingual in English, French, and Portuguese. Jamie is a successful crime novelist, but it took him a while to reach that point because he needed to learn how to use a computer first.

2Sam and Joanna


Sam was too cute in professing his love for Joanna in the sweetest, most respectful way he knew how, without putting too much pressure on her and just letting her know, in so many words (or no words, really — maybe he went to Jamie’s School of Broken Portuguese), how he felt. But they were kids, so who knows what would’ve happened.

Prediction: Since relationships starting this young rarely work out, this one probably ran its course before these kiddos hit their teen years. But they still keep in touch on social media as Joanna tours as a successful singer, while Sam is a movie critic (because LBR, his interest in Titanic was way more genuine than his interest in drumming).

3Sam and Daniel


When Sam’s mom dies at the beginning of the film, the relationship between Sam and his stepdad Daniel becomes one of the most beautiful in the whole film. Undoubtedly, these two will remain tight as Sam grows into his own, bonding over Nicholas Sparks movies and agreeing not to tell anyone.

Prediction: See above. But also, Daniel and Claudia Schiffer (ahem, we mean ~Carol~) don’t work out and he instead ends up with Karen, A.K.A. his perfect BFF who totally deserved better than that cheating jerk Harry (but we still love you always and forever, Alan Rickman).

4Natalie and David


Where to begin with these two? It was love at first swear word. From Hugh Grant side-eyeing people who hinted Natalie was overweight (which we’re still scratching our heads about), to him dancing around like no one’s watching, to that swoon-worthy kiss at the octopus kid’s play, they still remain one of our fave pairings.

Prediction: After the events of movie, Natalie likely moved into 10 Downing Street and they had a huge wedding complete with all the chocolate biscuits and definitely no United States presidents on the guest list, although the Beckhams did attend of course. And Natalie never lost weight because SHE DIDN’T NEED TO.

5Mark, Juliet, and Peter


Andrew Lincoln had a lot of nerve in this movie to show up to perfect Chiwetel Ejiofor’s flat and try to steal Keira Knightley away. Granted, he wasn’t trying to steal her per se, but he needed closure or something and also probably went to Jamie’s School of We Can’t Communicate Because We’re Grown Men Who Act Like Children.

Prediction: Confession: I’m a sucker for this couple even though it’s messed up on a lot of levels, so my above snark is a little bit of a defense mechanism. HOWEVER…I do not think this pairing ended after that Christmas Eve kiss, and I think this whole thing blew up. Who can resist Baby Rick Grimes, after all? Maybe Peter and Juliet remained friends and Peter found love with Sarah because he was more understanding than Karl.

6Billy Mack and Joe


The real MVP couple of this movie from the opening scene. Joe is that friend you take for granted until one day you’re like, “Oh crap, I’ve been kind of a jerk to this person when in reality they would do anything for me and WAIT PLEASE DON’T GO, I LOVE YOU AND I’M SORRYYYY!”

Prediction: They did NOT get pissed and watch porn right after this scene. They got pissed (on egg nog) and went to sleep. And today they are both single and traveling the world together while Billy still tours his old stuff. Oh, and also take care of Joe’s daughter, because Joe has a daughter for some reason and the sitcom possibilities are endless.

7Rufus and ???


Rowan Atkinson’s sparse yet impacting appearances throughout this movie are one of the top three things that make it so great and unique. From his over-the-top preparation of Harry’s gift to his mistress Mia to the awesome way he helps Sam get past TSA at the airport, Rufus is definitely the unsung hero.

Prediction: Rufus owns a murder-mystery-themed bed and breakfast in the south of France, which is frequented by Joe and Billy at least once a year because they feel like they’ve seen the owner before and won’t rest until they figure it out. Plus, they really enjoy getting drunk and trying to solve mysteries. (Bonus: Colin is one of the cast members.)

So there you go. This list doesn’t talk about the love lives of Colin, who’s probably (hopefully) still single, or John and Judy, or Karl, who hopefully found the right woman — and if not, HOW, because look at him. (Fun fact: the actor who plays Karl, Rodrigo Santoro, plays Hector on Westworld).

But however our favorite romantic couples end up, we hope they’re all happy together and having lots of sex and babies.