Louis Tomlinson from One Direction shared a preview of his new song, and it sounds incredible

Remember back when One Direction broke up, and it seemed like the world was ending? Well, good news — the world is still here, and the band is still making music, albeit solo. In fact, former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson just premiered a song that’s brand new, and we think it sounds pretty good.

The singer created the song, “Just Hold On,” with fellow musician Steve Aoki, and the two recently performed it live on an episode of The X Factor UK.

Unfortunately, the timing of the release was definitely a bit unfortunate — Tomlinson just lost his mother, Johannah Deakin, after a fight with leukemia. That said, the song serves as an incredible tribute.

Perhaps the performance, which you can watch below, and the studio sneak peek from Apple Music, is just what he needs right now to cope with such a tragic loss.


It’s amazing to think that just about six years ago, Tomlinson and his prior bandmates were discovered on that same exact stage.

Some of the sweetest sentiments were said by Simon Cowell, who has been a judge on the show for quite some time. Obviously he’s developed a history with Tomlinson, as well as the rest of the One Direction crew.

Your Mom was so proud of you, Louis...you've done her proud," Simon Cowell commented, making it hard to not shed a tear.

Tomlinson and Aoki just have the one song at the moment, but it’s pretty obvious that the two work well together. Who knows? Maybe a full album or EP will be in the works soon. Aoki, best known for his work as a DJ, only has kind words to say about his co-collaborator.

We hope that Tomlinson continues to use his creativity and talent to help him process his loss, and we definitely hope he knows how proud his family is of him, especially his mom.

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