Louis and Ren Stevens from “Even Stevens” had the most real sibling relationship on TV and here’s why

There are a LOT of famous TV siblings that we’ve grown to love over the years. There were Monica and Ross Geller, Brenda and Brandon Walsh and all of the Braverman siblings from Parenthood, but the greatest siblings might actually be Ren and Louis Stevens.

Ren and Louis Stevens not only made Even Stevens one of the most fun shows to watch on the Disney Channel, but they perfectly captured what sisters and brothers really are like. They were easily the most real siblings on TV and that’s why we loved them.


They pushed each other’s buttons. Nobody knows how to make you mad better than your brothers and sisters. If there is one thing both Louis and Ren were good at, it was making the other one crazy. It was entertaining and totally accurate.

The sleepover episode. When Louis charged his friends money to watch Ren’s sleepover party it was genius and a total little brother move.

Parental problems. No matter what happened, the Stevens kids were bonded in being embarrassed by their parents. It was SO real when they were forced to spend time with their goofy parents, but they made it through because they both knew how weird they were.


Crazy, insane fights. These two had legendary fights throughout the series. They never shied away from screaming or throwing things at one another, because that’s what siblings do, duh.

Partners in crime. In The Even Stevens Movie, once they figured out they had a common enemy they teamed up to defeat him. It was awesome and very well executed might we add.


Sibling rivalry. Louis and Ren were constantly competing with one another at everything in life, including for their parents’ affection. It was hilarious to watch and even more funny when you realized you were not-so-secretly doing that with your sibs and parents.

Sweetness mixed with wildness. These two could balance the sweet moments of loving one another with the wild moments of being together at each other’s weirdest level. They even ran away from crazed chairs together, because who better to escape a possessed chair with than your sibling?


Remote wars. From the introduction of the show, aka the theme song, Louis and Ren were stereotypical brother and sister, in all the best ways. They fought over the remote, which is exactly what happens when you live at home with a bunch of kids. It just does.

Completely different characters. Even though they were related they had totally different strengths and weaknesses. It made them believable as characters and siblings. Ren was the smart and responsible one, while Louis was the goofball who people loved to hangout with.

The comparison game. It didn’t matter what they did, people were always comparing these two. When you are super close in age, even if you don’t compare, others always compare you with your sibling, which sucks. Ren and Louis knew this all too well.


Mutual Donnie issues. Even though Ren and Louis had the biggest issues with one another, because they were so close in age, they would come together to poke fun at their older brother. No one knows how to make fun of or love a sibling, like your other siblings.

Family band. The Twitty Stevens Connection was epic. The fact that it was a family band (sort of) made it even cooler. If you didn’t try to have a family band growing up, then you were doing it wrong.

Blood is thicker than water. The Stevens kids always had each other’s backs. For example, when Ren was trying to impress a guy she awkwardly got her foot stuck in the toilet and messed up her hair. Instead of following the contract Ren made Louis sign, he swooped in and purposely created a diversion and Ren escaped. Adorable.


Honestly, Ren and Louis were the perfect siblings, because they were totally imperfect. They somehow mirrored exactly what it was like growing up and dealing with the sister-brother dynamic. They killed it and they were hilarious while doing so, obviously.