The teaser for Louis C.K.’s Netflix special is here, and it’s so Louis

Since it could be a long time until we get a new season of Louie, we’re all about this teaser for Louis C.K.’s new Netflix special. Titled 2017, it’s set to debut in just a few days.

The funny stand-up comedian is no stranger to comedy specials — he seems to release a new one annually. From what we know, 2017 was filmed in Washington D.C., and it’s being listed as the first of two specials that Netflix will release of the comedian this year. Whether or not the specials are related is a totally different story.

In the teaser, fans get to see Louis get ready for his big performance. And it should be noted that he definitely looks like quite the dapper gentleman.

One fan in particular made sure to comment that the special is a must-see.

We had a feeling that we wouldn’t be, but it’s still good to know. Sometimes comedians run a bit dry after awhile. That’s probably why Louis seems to make sure that he paces himself with his show, his stand-up, and his other projects.

Speaking of other projects, Louis was probably happy to hear the news that his FX show Baskets was recently picked up for a third season. Starring Zach Galifianakis and Louie Anderson (in quite possibly the best role ever) he created the original comedy alongside Galifianakis and Jonathan Krisel

If you need even more Louis C.K.? Have no fear. While 2017 is premiering on April 4th, Louis will also be hosting Saturday Night Live on April 8th. So, the month will definitely have a pretty hilarious start.

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