The beautiful reason why everyone is talking about this lottery winner

When you really think about it, buying a lottery ticket isn’t solely about the money. After all, we each have a one in 175 million chance of winning the lottery, so the odds are not in our favor. However, many of us still buy lottery tickets – but why? What’s the point? Well, my friends, it has to do with a little something called hope

Yes, buying a lottery ticket – even though you have a slim chance of winning – represents the hope that things will improve, that good fortune will brighten your life. And that’s exactly what happened to 60-year-old Michael Engfors: a man who’s been homeless for more than six years and has battled alcoholism along the way.

Since he occasionally takes on odd jobs, Engfors was able to purchase the $10 ticket with his own money at a local Aspen, Colorado grocery store. The people who work at the Aspen Homeless Shelter, which is where he stays, say that Engfors never gave up hope and was dreaming that his luck would change when he bought the scratch-off ticket.

Then, last week, it happened. He won $500,000 and was driven to the lottery office to claim his prize on Monday. After taxes were taken out, he ended up with a whooping $355,000, according to Colorado Lottery spokesperson Kelly Tabor. The odds of winning this particular top prize was one in 840,000.

While he eventually wants to use this money to buy a home and a new pair of skis, those aren’t the first things on his list. More than anything else, Engfors wants to reconnect with his daughter who he hasn’t seen in over 20 years. As soon as he’s able to locate her, he will buy a plane ticket to wherever she is so they can reunite.

Even though money can provide us with financial security, it isn’t everything. Above all, what’s the point of winning the lottery if hope and happiness aren’t on your side?

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