A ‘LOTR’ fan drew an insanely detailed Middle-earth map on a Starbucks cup, because beauty

What happens when an extremely talented artist is also an extremely huge fan of Lord of the Rings? Usually incredible things. Really really incredible things.

Liam Kenny, an artist from Liverpool, proved that incredible art doesn’t have to happen on blank canvases. While at Starbucks, Kenny decided to draw the entire map of Middle-earth — you know, the fantasy universe from LOTR. Not only is Kenny super talented at drawing, but he’s also REALLY good at fictional geography.

According to Bored Panda, Kenny gave the cup to a barista, who then posted a picture of it on social media. And all of the LOTR-loving people out her on the world wide webz were very impressed. Honestly — it would be pretty hard not to be impressed. His drawings are so teeny tiny — my eyes can barely even see what’s happening but my heart knows it’s amazing.

There is only one Lord of the Ring (Starbucks cup artist), and that, my LOTR friends, is Liam Kenny.

You can see more of Kenny’s work on his Instagram page (lots of other amazingly-detailed drawings!).

Check out the cup in all its glory:

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