This ‘LoTR’ fan theory will probably change the way you think of Gandalf forever

As John Green says, “Books belong to their readers.” This has never been more true than when it comes to the latest Lord of The Rings fan theory —posted on Reddit. It entertains the idea that Gandalf maybe wasn’t an actual wizard.  This sounds crazy —of course he’s a wizard! But user TheGlen makes a compelling argument, and it’s causing LoTR fans all over to pause and scratch their heads. Hear us out.

TheGlen posits that Gandalf wasn’t a wizard at all, but just a very intelligent fighter with an impressive mastery of the “Use Magic Device” skill. I’ll let TheGlen explain the specifics:

The idea that Gandalf wasn’t everything he appeared to be is not a new one. Fans have been speculating for a while that he may have only been a Fifth Level Magic-User, but nobody has ever dared suggest that he’s not a wizard at all.

If this really is true, then why would Gandalf claim to be anything else? TheGlen has a theory about that as well:

Are you convinced? Regardless of the terminology, Gandalf is an amazing hero, and definitely a legend in LoTR and beyond. I think this calls for a movie marathon!

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