The “Lost in Space” reboot swapped genders on this major role to cast Parker Posey and all of the YES

After making us LOL like crazy in Netflix’s latest comedy hit Mascots, Parker Posey will be coming back to delight us with another upcoming project from the streaming service. The hilarious comedic actress is signed on to portray a major character in the reboot of Lost in Space.

We have no doubt Parker Posey’s Lost in Space reboot character will be as amazing as the actress is.

But it’s not just the fact that she’ll be in the remake that has us excited. It’s also because she’ll be portraying Dr. Smith, a character originally written for (and portrayed by) a man.

Netflix and the producing partners at Legendary TV have swapped out Dr. Smith’s gender and we think it’s an awesome choice. As the story itself gets updated, it’s great to see that the gender roles are as diverse as the society they represent.

There’s no reason Dr. Smith (aka The Doctor of Intergalactic Environmental Psychology who doubles as a flight surgeon) can’t be a woman.

Also, knowing how committed Parker Posey is to her characters makes us super stoked to see her take on Dr. Smith.

The new Lost in Space is set to air in 2018. So, we still have a while to find out more juicy details about the show. But, based on this awesome casting choice, we’re remaining super hopeful it will be an absolutely delightful TV show.

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