If you lost your glasses and can’t see, you can use your phone to help you search for them

For those of us who are at the mercy of our glasses, losing them is borderline apocalyptic. Yet, what if there was an easy trick you could use to navigate your home while looking for them, without completely destroying the place? If you’ve lost your glasses and are near-sighted, use your phone camera to focus the world for you.

Genius! Whoever thought of this must be given an award ASAP.

This ultimate life hack comes from writer (and possible miracle-worker) Bijan Stephen on Twitter. We can see from his profile photo that he’s a glasses-wearer himself, so we can trust his word that this hack works! false

In fact, he claims that he has used this tip many times to get out of sticky — and blurry — situations. false

Stephen’s tip comes with a piece of bonus advice as well —


— and an added benefit!


The Twitter-sphere is freaking out over this new piece of knowledge. Many are calling it life-changing.

For others, this advice has set them free from a fruitless path.


And some people now just need to find their phone first so they can then find their glasses… Ah, well. Good luck, Doug! false

Before you take Stephen’s tip, make sure your glasses are not on your head or hanging from your shirt. Check your immediate surroundings before resorting to the phone method.

Side effects may include: low or dead phone battery, confusion, dismay, frustration, or broken glasses caused by stepping on them.

Thank you to Bijan Stephen for holding our hand through this game called life. Now if we could just use our phone camera to find everything else we’ve ever lost…

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