It appears as if there’s a ~lost~ scene from “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” and we need to see it

As someone who has obsessively been checking the Netflix press site for roughly the last ten months, while watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I didn’t look at scenes throughout the revival and think, “how cool is it to be back in Stars Hollow?” but rather, “Oh, so THIS is where that promotional photo came from!” Seriously. It was hard for me not to think about all of the still images of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore I looked at over the last year — not like that’s a bad thing, I just have a lot of Gilmore Girls swimming around in my brain.

So maybe that’s why I couldn’t help but wait for one specific scene to show up during the revival…and it never did. Yes, if you ask me, there’s a lost Gilmore Girls scene out there somewhere in the Netflix cloud, and we need to see it ASAP.

The lost scene in question is one between Lorelai and Kirk. YES, two of  Stars Hollow’s finest sit down together, and it’s not for Friday Night Dinner. As we know, Kirk seems to come and go from the Gilmore residence as much as he pleases, and even filmed some scenes from his second short film there (unbeknownst to Lorelai). It appears as if this lost scene once again had Kirk showing up at the Gilmore house, but why?

The still image from Netflix has Kirk and Lorelai sitting around her kitchen table (and Lorelai is wearing the same outfit she wore in the first Gilmore Girls teaser, but this image is not from that teaser).


On the table there appears to be an album of sorts, and Kirk and Lorelai are looking through it. Making an educated Gilmore Girls guess, I’m going to say this is wedding planning. WHY? Because look at what’s draped over the chair in the very front of the image — kinda looks like a white dress of sorts, right? It might be one of the many dresses Miss Celine whips up for the bride-to-be.

So it’s really cool that now we’ve got this picture of this scene, BUT WHERE IS THIS SCENE! We need to see Kirk trying his hardest to plan Lorelai’s wedding (and hey, he succeeded and did an A+ job, so wedding planning might be his next job).

But, bottom line: Where is this lost scene, Gilmore Girls? We’re willing to wait for it…but maybe not wait nine years.

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