There was a very mysterious “Lost” easter egg in “Westworld” last night

As we delve deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole that is Westworld, we can’t help but try and grasp at any ideas that might give us some answers to what we’ve seen in these last three episodes of HBO’s latest epic hit show. And last night’s Episode, “The Stray,” is only helping make the mystery that much bigger – OMG the stuff with the bicameral mind was cool, but complicated AF! But there were a lot of fun moments, too, like seeing a young Robert Ford (or Anthony Hopkins), from the “early days” of Westworld. There was also a pretty great Lost easter egg you may have missed…

…which is 100% understandable, because who-oh-who can even remember everything that went down with LOST?!


First, let’s revisit the scene where Bernard had Dolores read a passage from Alice in Wonderland.


"Dear, dear, how queer everything is today. And yesterday, things went on just as usual. I wonder if I've been changed in the night."


To which Bernard asked:


And our answer is, “YES BERNARD, that passage does make us think of something…LOST.”

And in Lost Season 4, Episode 10, “Something Nice Back Home,” Jack read THE EXACT SAME PASSAGE from Westworld to Aaron (Claire’s baby).




This fun easter egg was first noted by Redditor, red_widow, and it’s pretty amazing. And YEAH, it’s possible that this simply was a coincidental crossover… BUT THEN AGAIN, J.J. Abrams is the mastermind behind BOTH these shows, and of course he’s a big fan of easter eggs, so… Either way, we’re loving the references to Alice and we can’t wait to see if Westworld comes up with more nods to famous writers (they’ve already tackled Shakespeare!) in their growing list of awesomeness.

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