This lost dog actually heard her family was looking for her!

It always makes our hearts sink to see missing dog signs on telephone poles, knowing that sadly, so many dogs and cats that go missing don’t come home.  It was a scary situation for Kansas City local Kelly Schaefer when her husband Alfred, who has Alzheimer’s, and their beloved dog, 5-year-old bichon poodle Tabitha, disappeared one day last year. Alfred was fortunately found, but Tabitha wasn’t.

The Schaefers did what anyone does when a beloved dog goes missing — they pulled out all the stops to get their girl home. In addition to putting up nearly 300 flyers, the Missouri couple went on the local news to plead with the community to help bring their little girl home.

“To me, she’s my kid,” Kelly tearfully told the camera. “I love her as much as I love my husband.”

Cut to Tabitha, who was safe and well and had been taken into another home. As PopSugar reports, when Tabitha heard Kelly and Alfred’s voices on the news broadcast, she recognized them and made it clear to the people that had taken her in that this was her real family on the news. Once confirmed, Tabitha was returned to Kelly and Alfred, and everybody’s hearts grew three sizes.


Yay for happy endings!!!

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