Remember how Facebook was searching for a little girl’s lost dog? Here’s an update!

Remember missing puppy, Caramel? There was a huge social media campaign launched to bring the missing 10-week old puppy back home to her human, Lexie. 8-year old Lexie has juvenile arthritis, so Caramel just wasn’t a furry friend to hang out with, but rather a therapy dog to help Lexie with her mobility. Needless to say, the two became the best of friends, and when Caramel was stolen from Lexie’s house, the whole Internet pitched in to help find her.

And, GUESS WHAT? The story has a happy ending!! Caramel was brought home earlier this week, missing no more.

Details about Caramel’s return home weren’t known earlier this week, but after speaking with Today, Lexie’s mom and dad, Tracy and Richard Taylor, shed a little more light on the situation.

The huge social media campaign, all across Facebook and beyond, reached one woman who had recently purchased a small, furry dog who happened to look a lot like Caramel. As Lexie’s dad, Richard, explained, he got a phone call from someone who said that she had recently bought a new the little puppy “in good faith” — meaning the idea that the puppy had been STOLEN never crossed her mind.

Well, when she saw a news report about Caramel, she realized the puppy she had in her possession was not really her puppy at all. Not wanting to keep the stolen dog, she got in contact with the Taylors to return the pup.

When Taylor family went to go retrieve her, they worried it might not be Caramel. But, because of Caramel’s pre-existing hernia, the family was able to correctly identify her.

“It’s just amazing,” Tracy told Today. “Obviously we’ve got family and friends, but we’d never, ever would have been able to reach the amount of people, the different groups of people, that we have [through the Internet].” Thanks for doing your part in this, Internet!

If this story isn’t enough to make you cry happy tears, the Find Caramel Facebook page has uploaded a video of Lexie and Caramel’s reunion. There’s a lot of hugging cuddling, so prepare for a huge case of puppy feels.

Image via here.