Heartsplosion: Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad will make you happy cry forever

Budweiser dun did it again! Every freaking year Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial tugs on our heartstrings and this year is no different. Get ready to have your eyes burst with happy tears at their ‘Lost Dog’ #BestBuds ad for Super Bowl XLIX. It’s good to watch it now and emotionally prepare yourself so you’re not crying into your chips and dip on Super Bowl Sunday!

A little reminiscent of Homeward Bound, this video features a lost Labrador Retriever with a perma-furrowed brow. To the tune of Sleeping At Last’s folk version of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” watch this determined puppy’s odyssey back to his worried owner. Maybe definitely have a box of tissues ready!

Watch last years video HERE to CRY all over again

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