Okay, you’re all about to cry at these pictures of a lost baby seal

A baby seal is in police custody after a long day of exploring.

The New Zealand police have made their streets safe again after charging the sleepy seal with aww-sault.

According to the New Zealand publication Stuff, a passerby spotted the furry fella curled up underneath a car outside the barracks on Friday afternoon. Senior Sergeant Dave Houston came to the rescue. “We went to see and he was under the car — he’s a little fella,” Houston said. false

The owner of the car stumbled upon an interesting situation when he returned to his vehicle — police had surrounded his car and were shoving a broom underneath it. When asked by law enforcement if the baby seal was his, the driver said that the little pup was working alone. It was lucky that someone spotted the baby seal, Sgt. Houston said, because the owner of the car might have missed him — and, worse, “He could have been squashed.”


Police officers managed to charm the baby seal out from under the car. Sgt. Houston pointed out that the furry fella had been sitting near the barracks in recent days. The sergeant, who was unsure about patting the infant seal goodbye, said, “He is a little bit bitty.”

The baby seal, which was adorably named Steve by its rescuers, was taken into the Department of Conservation and Wildside New Zealand, according to the Wellington Police Facebook: “The wee pup now in the care of DOC Wildside New Zealand. Good luck little guy!”

The Department of Conservation informed the Wellington Police that the baby voyager was around the age where their mothers let the pups roam free by themselves. The little explorers tend to get tired, which explains why the baby seal was catching up on his beauty sleep underneath a parked car.


Fortunately, the Department of Conservation plans to release the little furry pup to his rightful home, but until then, he’s getting TLC from the DOC.

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