10 things to remember when you’re feeling lost in your 20s

There are some events that occur in your 20s that make you realize you are growing, maturing, and (slightly) becoming more of an adult. They could be small things like wanting to stay home on a Friday night instead of going out and partying till dawn. Or, they could be the monumental things, like graduating from college. I’d say mine was a combination of both, college perhaps being the bigger accomplishment, and the bigger leap of faith. The second I graduated I was both relieved and intensely anxious. The idea of having to carve out my career and find the “perfect” job felt like a huge weight on my shoulders. Frankly, I’m just lucky that I decided on a major and got through college. Now I have to find a job that I am going to love for the rest of my life? Knock it off with the pressure, OK life?

But life persists, which means I have to as well. What’s helped me, however, when I’m reeling from the thought of hardcore ‘adulting,’ are a few key affirmations. Here are some things that make me feel just a wee bit better about being completely lost in my 20s.

1. You don’t have to rush.

What are you rushing for? These are the only years of your life its absolutely acceptable to be broke and unemployed. Enjoy it!

2. Take some good deep breaths.

Not only because it is essential to living but also because life will pass you right by if you forget to stop, breathe, and take a look around.

3. Don’t take things for granted.

Even the smallest of things can have the biggest impact in your life. Don’t take the people in your life for granted either. You are growing up, as are they. Count your blessings.

4. Appreciate the little things.

Like being able to finally grow sunflowers. I do not have a green thumb, however, recently have been able to grow sunflowers like mad. Thank you Mother Nature, you the bom-dot-com!

5. Enjoy the struggle. Enjoy the success that comes after the struggle.

While sometimes it’s extremely hard to understand why you didn’t get picked for that job you applied for, you have to trust there was a reason and it was a darn good one. When you finally land the job you really want you’ll appreciate never getting that call back, or all those call backs.

6. Love. A LOT.

Your twenties are the reckless years, the times to enjoy adventures, enjoy the late nights, and to find someone who you can create memories with.

7. Go on dates—good ones and lame ones.

Even bad dates are a good story to tell your girlfriends over wine Wednesday! Trust me, I have some good stories in my book and I don’t regret anything because it’s allowed me to see the kind of qualities I’d like in a future man and the kinds of qualities I absolutely do not want. Plus, you never know what could come of that blind date, take a chance.

8. Be bold. Be brave. Take chances. 

Apply for your dream job. Apply for the job on the opposite side of the country. Tell the guy at the bar you like his face. Go skydiving. Call your grandparents more. Let the people around you know that you really appreciate them. Get inspired. Inspire others. Try new things. You never know when you are going to stumble upon your path.

9. Be honest.

If you hate something, then STOP doing it. Don’t convince yourself to stick around somewhere or someone when it’s honestly not what you want. It’s perfectly OK to change your mind, but please, just be honest about it. It’s OK if you hate wine and pizza, you’re soooooo weird if you do, but it’s OK.

10. Watch the sunrise

This very likely could be a personal thing, but something about watching the sunrise every now and then brings me such peace. Every morning when the sun rises it brings with it a new day full of new chances and new opportunities. It always gives me a small reality check, plus it’s good to snap a picture to show mom and pop you can indeed make it up before the sun comes up! (Leave out the part that you went back to bed after, not important.)

A year and a half ago I had absolutely no idea that my life goals include ranching and writing. I’ve found some things I love, you will too! Moral of the story, it’s absolutely, positively, perfectly OK to be lost in your twenties. I now have a job and I am still completely lost some days. And you know what? That’s OK. 


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