We are losing our heads for these “Labyrinth” cakes

Labyrinth, the cult classic fantasy adventure musical, turns 30 this year. This anniversary (and both a reboot AND board game in the works) gives us the perfect excuse to celebrate. What better way to do that than cake– Labyrinth cake, to be exact!

These epic Layrinth-themed cakes will make you feel the real power of voodoo.

The first cake is an incredible feat. It’s a multi-layered beauty anchored by the labyrinth itself, with a stalwart Ludo supporting the upper tiers, topped with figured of Jareth the Goblin King and Sarah.

The second cake is a charming depiction of our favorite, hospitable cockney worm and his wife, sitting atop a stout body of “brickwork.” It’s complete with the phrase, “Come inside and meet the Mrs.”

This adorable confection features the ‘ello worm, this time as the large, solo topper of a lucky Labyrinth lover’s birthday cake.

Another impressive birthday cake for a fan features much of the lovably wacky cast crafted out of fondant and perched around the recipient’s name.


Some cupcakes featuring the amiable faces of Ludo, Hoggle, Didymus and, (of course) the worm add a little variety to this wonderful selection.

And, finally, a quirky yet hauntingly elegant Labyrinth wedding cake is making us gasp in awe.

It may be the 30th anniversary year for Labyrinth, but honestly, these cakes are worth a celebration all on their own!