Whoa, what? Lorelai Gilmore might have been *thisclose* to being written out of the show

As we wait patiently (or not!) for the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, many of us have been binge-watching the original series. We have the old arguments, talk about fan-theories, and wax poetic about our favorite Stars Hollow residents. Dean, Jess, or Logan, we ask? What will Rory’s career be in the present-day? Just how much coffee can those Gilmores drink before they have a heart attack? Why is Taylor such a curmudgeon, and will Lorelai’s dog, Paul Anka, be returning for the revival?

These are the important questions, and the answers are just around the corner. In the meantime, though, we’ve discovered some shocking news — the finale episode, as heartwarming as it was, might not have been the finale episode at all. The executives initially wanted to keep that Gilmore magic going just a little bit longer — without Lorelai.


In Lauren Graham’s final interview before the 2007 series finale, she talks about how the series was initially supposed to go on for another 13 episodes after that final, heartwarming scene. However, she and Alexis Bledel were both talking things through, and unsure they wanted to keep going with the show. Graham finally said that she definitively didn’t want to move forward with it, and the executives had the idea that maybe, just maybe, they’d go on to produce a Rory spinoff.

Now, it’s not that we wouldn’t have watched (because, come on, one Gilmore is better than none), but there’s something just WRONG about that, and we’re glad this plan didn’t come to fruition. From what it sounds like, Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham are as close in real life as they are on screen (cue “aww”s!) and they decided that neither wanted to do the show without the other. The idea was scrapped.


While Rory’s character was great on her own and had just reached a new place of independence (and, hello, a job with the Obama campaign!), the beauty of that show was in the nuances of the mother-daughter relationship. Their witty banter, the love they have for each other, and their dynamic that was about both being a mother and a daughter, as well as best friends. To lose that (save for one-sided phone calls that Rory would be sure to have with a fake “Lorelai” on the other end of the line) in the spin-off would be a disservice to the original show, and might have tarnished the Gilmore glory in fans’ memories.

We’re happy with the way the Gilmore universe left off — it’s perfect in every way, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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