We can’t stop replaying Lorde’s hypnotic new dance-pop single “Green Light”

The wait is officially over, Lorde’s new song “Green Light” is finally here! Not only is the song out now, but the new video has been released and it includes a LOT of Lorde’s signature dance moves.

The New Zealand native has been teasing fans for weeks and now she’s delivered. The new tune, titled “Green Light,” comes with a new video and a fresh-faced Lorde.

Seriously, prepare to not only have this song stuck in your head, but to be listening to it on repeat all weekend!

"I am so proud of this song. It's very different, and kinda unexpected. It's complex and funny and sad and joyous and it'll make you DANCE. It's the first chapter of a story I'm gonna tell you, the story of the last 2 wild, fluorescent years of my life. This is where we begin...," she wrote on Instagram.


The 20-year-old singer wasn’t joking. “Green Light” really is different and unexpected. We caught ourselves both dancing and yet mesmerized by the narrative of the video.

Okay, so now to the video…it is ah-mazing. In the beginning, Lorde is vulnerable, singing into her mirror. And then, Lorde is dancing on a car and in a nightclub! This is not the moody angsty Lorde we are used to.


“I’ll come get my things, but I can’t let go,” she sings while dressed in a pretty purple dress. Lorde goes through an emotional rollercoaster of losing a love, but feeling betrayed at the same time. From the video and lyrics, it seems like an affair or some other relationship ~scandal~ took place.

“I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it!” she later screams as she dances both in the streets and on cars, and, well,  everywhere.

Hypnotic free-for-all dancing is her thing, remember?

While we know there is pain in the lyrics, it’s such a poppy song that we can’t stop dancing.

“Green Light is officially out in the world, and I am so pleased to share with you that this song is the first from my sophomore record, Melodrama. This is the cover, painted by Sam McKinniss. Welcome to the new world,” Lorde wrote on her Instagram photo announcement.


Yes, there is another album coming and it’s called Melodrama — and we can’t freaking wait to hear it all.

Listen to the new track above and tell us your thoughts. Do you love it? We SO love it.