12 Tweets That Properly Convey the Magic That Is “Solar Power” by Lorde

Stamp "I'm kinda like a prettier Jesus" onto my gravestone, please.

After what feels like forever (but was really just four years), Lorde has finally returned to the music scene with her latest single, “Solar Power.” The New Zealand-born star teased new music at the beginning of this week, but no one was quite sure what might come of it. But after the single was released early in some regions yesterday, Lorde dropped it to the masses later in the day. And thus, a new era of Lorde is born.

And fans, to say the least, are losing it over the magic that is Solar Power.

Much like the way fans badger the likes of Adele, Rihanna, and Charlie Puth for their next albums, Lorde’s stans have been champing at the bit for years for new music from the “Royals” singer. But our musical genius does not rush her craft and instead puts painstaking care into each release. The acoustic-y “Solar Power” with backing vocals from Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers is the chill, shimmery jam we need for summer, and dare we say it was worth the wait.

The song came with a video, of course, that feels like a cross between Midsommar and Mamma Mia, and you know what? We’re down with that. Watching Lorde on a beach having a good time in the sun? It gets a yes from us.

Lorde’s stans have painted the picture of just how epic this release is, with Twitter lighting up with praise, excitement, and fun quips about the singer. Oh boy, has it been fun to watch the joy roll in in under 280 characters.

Thank you, Lorde stans, for keeping Twitter fun this week. And obviously thank you to Lorde for blessing our ear holes with new music. Now that the album is around the corner, 2021 is destined to be so much better than we expected.

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