Lorde absolutely slayed her “SNL” performance

Lorde is a master of the “aesthetic.” Remember, this dramatic and gorgeous painting is the cover of her upcoming album Melodrama:


So when the Kiwi pop star took Saturday Night Live last night, I couldn’t wait to see what she sounded and looked like.

And Lorde didn’t disappoint, with rousing performances of two Melodrama songs.

“Green Light” is the lead single off of the album, and it’s a burst of sonic energy. This of course hides the true nature of the song. Yet, the lyrical catharsis makes the song more potent. And Lorde delivered, her performance of “Green Light” as a showcase for her dancing. Also, I love her entire outfit, but that shimmering, almost armor-like shirt is everything:

But for her next performance, Lorde brought a reverie to the stage. Flanked with her pal Jack Antonoff, she donned almost holy garb to perform “Liability.” Like “Green Light,” “Liability” is a song about heartbreak’s aftermath. But its scope is smaller and more introspective, so it makes sense that she opted for more subdued set. Back to back with Antonoff, she looked like a damn Johannes Vermeer painting subject:

I always forget that Lorde didn’t take the SNL stage until she performed with Disclosure, for “Magnets.” She’s off to a great start, and I can’t wait to hear what else she’s got in store. One could say… 2017 is really shaping up to be the year of our Lorde.

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