Lorde’s response to those ‘SNL’ lip-sync accusations is perfect

Lorde and Disclosure’s collaboration on the track “Magnets” is one of our favorite songs of 2015, hands down. It’s sultry, it’s catchy, and it’s the perfect song to whisper-sing to in the car. (And that line, “pretty girls don’t know the things that I know,” is TOO REAL.) So when the two acts performed the track together for the first time ever on Saturday Night Live this weekend, we were parked in front of the TV to catch it.

Lorde was, as always, a performer with her own flare. She made her distinctive arm gestures and faces, well-known to her fans as one of the things that’s totally unique to her as a live performer. But apparently some people were wondering if Lorde was singing live on the show.

But Lorde wasn’t having any of that. The musician, who has always been authentic and her most real self (remember that Photoshop tweet? Or that time she shared an acne selfie?), took to Twitter to clear things up. And her response blew us away. Talk about shutting it down, politely, with one succinct tweet!

And that’s all there is to say about that! Other than, of course, letting you know the performance is now available on YouTube so you can watch it and judge for yourself. Does it even look like she was lip synching? We think no, but we know she’s just that great of a live singer.  

You can watch the amazing set below here:

(Image via YouTube)