Lorde changed up her famous mane, and surprise, it still looks amazing

Along with her haunting voice, penchant for witchy clothes and lipstick colors, and music collaboration abilities, Kiwi singer-songwriter Lorde is also famous for That Hair: A gorgeous, utterly resplendent mane of curls (which she admitted to only washing once every two weeks) that stood out, both physically and psychically. Just look at it in its Baroque glory, here on the recent cover of Vogue Australia:

Well, it appears that Lorde’s hair as we knew it is no more. We’d gotten an inkling of what her hair looks like straight in the twisty, water-filled video for “Magnets,” but in photos from this weekend, it appears that the singer’s tresses are straightened out for good, or for at least a while. The real indicator that the era of Lorde Mane is over, however, is her new haircut, which she debuted over the weekend during the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. It’s tough to see because of her black dress, but you can notice the marked change in this photo (also, hi Karlie Kloss and Diane von Fürstenberg):

You can kind of see the change clearer here, but the moral of this Instagram snooping story: The new hair looks great, and it’s not surprising that the now-established singer is experimenting with her look:

Of course, if you really wanted to read into the new ‘do, there’s this: Another famous female songstress got her big break when her hair was a mass of curls. After making it into the mainstream, she cut her hair and straightened it, creating a new signature look. And what do you know, she’s a friend of Lorde’s! We’re not saying this is what went down; and hey, perhaps Lorde’s really just shearing inches off in preparation for buzzcut season.

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Images via Instagram.