Lorde responds to all the people who bullied her about her unibrow

While it’s not overly healthy, anyone who has ever been bullied — which, unfortunately, is many of us — has probably once dreamt of the day when they could show their bullies up. Even though Lorde has proven herself time and time again as being the epitome of cool, Lorde’s appearance on the cover of Vogue Australia has the singer (ahem) living that fantasy by proving the people who used to make fun of her wrong. And what a sweet — and oh-so-fashionable — revenge it is.

For the October 2017 edition of Vogue Australia, Lorde — who hails from the nearby New Zealand — is gracing the cover. And the artist took to Twitter to share the previews of her gorgeous photos. false

But then, the star replied to say how her life wasn’t always so glamorous — and how unbelievable it is that this is where she is now:

"it's literally fucked that i could be on the cover of vogue i used to get called monobrow at school that BROW IS ON COVER OF VOGUE"


If you needed a reminder of how cruel it is to bully, Lorde’s story about her “monobrow” (more commonly known as a unibrow in the good ole USA) shows how much these hurtful comments can stick with a person.

Plus, it helps explain why Lorde can write such poignant lyrics, on her albums Pure Heroine and Melodrama, about the pains of growing up that millions of people around the world relate to.

So anyone who ever teased Lorde about her eyebrows — or any other part of her body, for that matter — well, take notice cause she’s looking absolutely stunning on the cover of Vogue now…and she continues to rock our world.