Lorde has a powerful message for guys who underestimate her

Last night, Lorde sent out a cryptic, but powerful message on her Twitter account. She wrote, “hey men – do me and yourselves a favour, and don’t underestimate my skill.” It’s unclear if she was addressing anyone in particular in these tweets, although it’s being speculated that these words might be aimed at ex-manager, Scott Maclachlan. The tweets could also be in response to a Guardian article (written soon after Lorde and Maclachlan parted ways) titled “Oh Lorde, pray leaving your manager wasn’t a mistake.” The writer poses the rhetorical question, “Will she live to regret it, as so many before her have?” and discusses consequences artists might face (and have faced) when leaving their managers.

It makes sense that this came off as condescension to Lorde, and why this article might bother her. After all, Lorde is the youngest solo musician to land a number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 list since ’87. Also? Lorde was included in TIME‘s 2013 “Most Influential Teenagers in the World” article, as well as Forbes‘ “30 Under 30” list. Our girl Lorde is a total self-made powerhouse, and she doesn’t need anyone questioning her choices or belittling them.

This isn’t the first time Lorde has boldly and brilliantly called out individuals who have tried putting her down. When Tyler the Creator reposted an image of Lorde and her boyfriend paired with the caption, “Hhahahahaha,” our queen eloquently and simply tweeted, “Is that supposed to make me feel something?” And when South Park dedicated an episode to make fun of her singing, Lorde playfully responded by posting a video of her own, cheerfully mocking herself. Sorry guys, but Lorde doesn’t bruise easily.

In fact, Lorde is unstoppable. According to Billboard, we can expect a new album from her this year — she’s apparently back in the studio putting her sophomore album together (yay!). While there’s no release date yet, “Producer Joel Little confirmed in February that a new album was coming along.” Lorde clearly has a long, successful music career ahead of her, and we’re so excited to follow the next chapter of her journey.

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