Lorde shared her most listened to song of the year and it’s low-key amazing

While 2016 might have been a quiet year for Lorde, it seems that the New Zealand-born singer has been busy beavering away over the follow up to her smash hit debut album Pure Heroine.

The star, who celebrated her 20th birthday this year with friends Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham at a fabulous looking party, wrote a personal essay about getting older and her second album, and it hit us right in the feels. What’s more, she also made a HUGE donation to a children’s charity to help provide school lunches, and performed rousing and emotional David Bowie cover she performed at this year’s BRIT awards. Okay, so maybe 2016 wasn’t *that* quiet for Lorde…


What we love about Lorde, however, is that she’s just so darn real. Take, for example, the fact that, along with a bunch of people on Twitter, the star decided to share her most listened to song of the year.

The streaming service Spotify yesterday released a feature that allowed music lovers around the world to find out their most listened to songs of the year, and Lorde expressed her excitement over finding out which track she’d been crushing hard on in 2016.

It all started back in July when Lorde shared this screen grab from her phone.

The picture detailed that she was listening to none other than the 1975’s melancholic bop “Somebody Else.”

"i'll admit i haven't listened to very much of this band's music but holy shit this is a perfect classic forever song [sic]," she wrote on Twitter.


Well, it seems that Lorde loved the song so much that it did end up being a sort of forever song as the track made it to the top of her most listened list! false

Ever since the 1975 shared “Somebody Else” we’ve been *SO* in love with it. The British band released their second album, the wordy I like it when you sleep because you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, earlier this year, and the album has been topping loads of end-of-year lists.

“Somebody Else” an ’80s inspired synth ballad about unrequited love and love lost. Like Robyn’s “Dancing On Your Own” and basically every Carly Rae Jepsen song, the track is full of melancholia but would totally work on the dance floor. It’s a sad banger of the most epic proportions. Listen to “Somebody Else” below.


Tbh, we have to say that we 100% agree with Lorde about it being a “perfect classic forever song.” Now excuse us while we go and cry dance to it for the rest of the day.

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