Lorde was inspired by aliens for hew new album, and tbh, that actually makes sense

With exactly a month to go before her new album comes out, Lorde has teased that, actually, it’s inspired aliens.

Given that Lorde’s debut album came out all the way back in 2013, fans have been desperate and totally eager for any new music from the New Zealand-born singer. Then, earlier this year, she burst back on to the scene with the dance-pop banger “Green Light.” Not only that, but she announced her new album, Melodrama, which is expected to drop on June 16th, and she has since been opening up about what her life has been like in the intervening years since her debut.


While Lorde has been reticent to say that the album is specifically about breakups, the singer has now shared some more info about what really inspired her.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Lorde says she was actually super inspired by aliens when writing her new album.


Opening up about why she decided to take such a long break between records, the singer revealed that she had to find her footing again.

“It kind of takes a second. I learned to write your way out of the record you just made,” she said.

In fact, when she first started writing, the album was about aliens taking their first steps on earth.

"These aliens have just lived in this hermetically sealed environment," she said, "and so what does the first step outside feel like?"

Ultimately, these songs about aliens were more a bridging process, joining the person that Lorde used to be and the one that she had become following her meteoric rise to fame. It wasn’t until she and collaborator Jack Antonoff  wrote the ballad “Liability” that things fell into place.


Describing the process of writing the majority of the album in Brooklyn with Antonoff, Lorde said that she spent days walking around New York.

“I was able to lose touch with myself as a person of note, which is a really valuable thing. By the end, this [celebrity] part of my life, this part that we’re doing right now, all of this felt very abstract,” she said.

While we’re a bit gutted that we might not actually get a chance to hear those original alien songs, it sounds like the process of writing Melodrama was a necessary, cathartic, and eye-opening experience for Lorde, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the album sounds like when it drops on June 16th.

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