Lorde channels her inner femme fatale in the twist-filled video for ‘Magnets’

Just days after celebrating Pure Heroine‘s second anniversary, Lorde is back with a rather steamy endeavor.

The 18 year-old songstress joined forces with UK production duo, Disclosure, for “Magnets” — a hypnotic, chilled-out tune that tells the story of a forbidden love affair — or so we thought.

The clip opens on Lorde overlooking the Los Angeles cityscape at a swanky house party. Once she locks eyes with the party’s host, the two engage in [what appears to be] an ardent love affair. Problem is, the guy’s got a girlfriend, and she’s no dummy. Not to mention, Lorde’s emotionally distant hookups with the fella in question seem to suggest that she has other motivations.

By video’s end, it’s revealed that Lorde has been hired as a hitwoman by the man’s girlfriend. Lorde quipped about the plot twist on Twitter, writing:

It’s certainly a grisly image, but Lorde insists that her vengeance is justified, considering the woman had also been physically abused by the man. Seems that many are in agreement that Lorde just straight up rocks and is, yes, sending a really powerful message. 

“Magnets” is available now on Disclosure’s sophomore album, Caracal, but you can catch the visuals below.

[Image via YouTube]

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