Lorde just dropped ANOTHER new track, and it’s piercing our hearts

There are many amazing musicians out there right now, but few who consistently cut right to the core of our hearts. But Lorde just released a new song called “Liability” from her upcoming album Melodrama, and it’s a very special ballad. It’s slower than “Green Light,” which she released last week, but it delves once again into the realm of rocky relationships.

Lorde’s soulful voice and vulnerable lyrics will literally send a shiver up your spine. “They say, ‘You’re a little too much for me / You’re a liability / You’re a little too much for me’ / So they pull back, make other plans. / I understand, I’m a liability / Get you wild and make you leave.” 

Okay, enough teasing. Let just listen! (Together, maybe holding each other tight. No? Okay, just the first part then).


The song is pretty heavy and Lorde clearly went through a ton of self-reflection while writing it. And that’s ultimately what makes the feelings she’s expressing so freaking relatable (seriously. It cuts deep).


Obviously, we can’t wait for Melodrama to come out in full (June 16th, we’ve got our eye on you!), and simply adore how the cover art by Sam McKinniss perfectly captures the moody tone of the album.


We don’t know how you make such tender and meaningful music, Lorde, but keep doing what you do! There’s no one else out there who makes us feel so many emotions at once, and we love every single heart-wrenching second of it.