Lorde’s Instagram note to her boyfriend just gave us serious #relationshipgoals

It’s easy to lose your bearings in the rise to superstardom, but 18-year-old dark pop princess Lorde has managed to stay ahead of the fame, and at least part of that has to do with the support and love of James Lowe, the singer’s boyfriend of two years.

The two are celebrating their second anniversary today, and in honor of the occasion, the Insta-savvy singer posted a photo of the two with the caption: “two years, and sandstorms, and the stars haven’t left my eyes,” which reads like a lyric from her upcoming album. (Always songwriting, this one.)

On his part, Lowe, a photographer who often uploads cute candids of the singer, posted a photo in response, writing: “Two years w my shadows best friend.”

Their Instagram comments say it all — these two are doing social media couples shoutouts right. Over at Ono Field, Lowe’s blog, you can also find stunning pictures by Lowe, featuring Lorde just hanging out. These two are clearly, all about collaboration.

But while Lorde and Lowe themselves have kept a relatively low couples profile, they’ve faced their share of challenges over the past two years.

In 2013, shock rapper Tyler, the Creator offensively posted a picture of the couple with the caption “Hhahahahahah.” It wasn’t common knowledge then that Lorde and Lowe were dating, so the Internet exploded with reactions to the news. While some of it was positive, a large enough part of it was negative straight-up bigotry, slamming their interracial relationship, and the fact that Lowe is Asian.

LA Times reporter Nico Lang wrote at the time, “Although it might just look like another case of ordinary teen cyber-bullying, this backlash is also indicative of the lingering stigma against dating Asian men, fueled by prejudice and racial stereotyping.”

Of the offensive comments, Lorde told Rolling Stone, “it still hurts.” The fact that there was a backlash at all against them? Not okay. The idea that Lorde and Lowe have to justify or respond to criticisms about their relationship at all? Ridiculous then, and certainly ridiculous now.

Meanwhile, Lowe once blogged about the weirdness of being under the microscope as a celebrity boyfriend. “Finding moments I thought I was in safe hands splattered all over the Internet,” he writes on Ono Field, “being pushed and shoved, or watching others get pushed and shoved by paparazzi just to get what they think they’re entitled to.”

But if they’ve faced challenges, it’s only brought the couple closer together. “I couldn’t be prouder of what she’s achieved so far,” blogged Lowe last year. We’re pretty impressed by what they’ve achieved together.

Happy anniversary to this amazing artist couple; here’s to plenty more years of heart-meltingly cute moments to come.

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