This is why Lorde did an interpretive dance instead of sing at the 2017 MTV VMAS

Lorde is known for being one of the best and most interesting vocalists of this generation. She’s rarely one to pull a lip-synch fast one on us. However, when she walked out on stage at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, instead of delivering beautiful raw vocals like she usually does, Lorde didn’t sing at all.

In fact, Lorde danced to “Homemade Dynamite” instead of singing.

And not just any dancing, a very Lorde-esque interpretive dance routine that ended with her collapsing onto the ground. We wonder if that collapse was choreographed or spontaneous because the singer revealed that she had been battling the flu and even attended the show with an IV in her arm. false

“You can’t tell in these pictures but i have the flu so bad i needed an IV,” she wrote alongside a photo of her red carpet look.

Despite not being in full health, the singer totally slayed her movement performance. She kicked it off by hitting play on a boombox and then just danced.

When she tweeted this, we wondered why her musical performance was so physically demanding. false

Now that we’ve seen it, it all makes sense.

Some people, even other artists, didn’t quite seem to understand what was going on.

Does somebody want to tweet at Adam Levine that she was sick?

Some people loved her interpretation of “the show must go on.” false

Honestly, we loved her interpretive dance and welcome more of it!

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