Lorde describes how she came up with her name and why she added that “e”

While most of us stick with the name we’re given at birth, the celebrity set has the luxury of recreating their image from the name up. And while stage names are a normal occurrence in the entertainment industry, we still love to know why our favorite performers picked the names they did. And for Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, better known as Lorde, the decision to go by her stage name was one that came rather naturally to the then-teenager. Years later, she’s still proud of herself and her decision (as are we, and the rest of the world as well!)


In an interview with 6o Minutes, the New Zealand native says,

"The name Lorde was actually a really quick decision. It's quite funny cause I'm like wow, if I'd known I'd be having that name for the rest of my life I would have spent more than two days on it...I'm quite proud of my 16-year-old self for not messing that one up cause if I'd given myself a cool, weird, hip name that I hated now that would be annoying."

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We are a little shocked, in that we assume pop stars think and pontificate on their stage name forever. Lorde just thought it up and was like, YEP THAT.

And while the spelling of Lord would have sufficed for the musician, she decided to add the “e” at the end to feminize it. In the interview, Lorde also talks about feminism and how, for her, it’s all about raising women up who are in less privileged situations than she is, like transwomen and women of color, and how it’s important to give those struggling to be heard not only a voice, but someone to listen to them. Amen to that, Lorde!