Lorde answered Tumblr users’ questions and it was wonderful

Yesterday, Lorde decided to check in with her fans on Tumblr (you know, because she’s our queen), and the response was enormous. What followed was an impromptu Q&A/love fest. Lorde discussed everything from her big hair to what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a singer. Here’s a little snapshot of the convo, in case you missed it.

The conversation started with talk of Lorde’s next album, which she assured us is going to be awesome.

Then one fan asked if she had synesthesia, and it turns out she does.

It’s fascinating, really.

Then Lorde blew our minds and revealed that if she wasn’t a musician, she would be in law school. Oh, and that she had childhood dreams of being a comedian.

Then her fans really started opening up about why they love the singer so much. They shared how her music has helped them, and Lorde showed the love right back.

She reassured us that it’s okay to feel lost and not know what you’re doing in life.

Basically, Lorde’s fans feel like they can share anything with her, like their experiences with her music. And how much they love her concerts. And then, one fan gave her basically the best compliment ever.

And we’re merely scratching the surface. Check out the whole beautiful Tumblr convo here. We love you, Lorde!

(Images via tumblr, Instagram)


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