This women’s lingerie brand was created specifically for oral sex

The intimacy of oral sex is what some women crave, whereas others find it stress-inducing. In fact, according to data compiled by up-and-coming lingerie company Lorals, 80% of women say no to oral sex when they want to say yes. Lorals founder and CEO, Melanie Cristol, was part of that percentage. She wanted to design a product that allowed women to gain confidence when oral sex is presented to them.

So, Cristol designed Lorals (an acronym of sorts for LoveOralAlways) lingerie — underwear designed to stay on during oral sex.

"I wanted a product that turned me on, gave me coverage where I wanted it, and didn't hold anything back when it came to pleasure — but research showed me that nothing like that existed," Cristol told recently Bustle. "I decided there needed to be a well-designed product that helped women say yes to oral while helping them feel sexy, beautiful, and confident — whether on a fancy vacation, or in their everyday lives."

Lorals underwear is incredibly thin and stretchy and designed for single use. Wear them while engaging in oral sex — you’re guaranteed to feel absolutely everything going on down there, btw — and then toss them. “Sensation was a top priority,” Cristol said. “We designed these for women’s pleasure above all else. After all, our mission is to closethe orgasm gap!”

Cristol notes that her product is in no way an attempt to make women feel shameful about their bodies and their presentation to their partner. Lorals were created to allow women to be comfortable and accepting of oral sex.

After launching Lorals, Cristol told Bustle that she hopes to launch an STD-protection version of the lingerie, expand the variety of sizes, and to introduce new colors to the line.

Lorals will officially be available for purchase come March 2018, so keep an eye out on their website.

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