Lorac Cosmetics revealed the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” collection, and it’s better than a box full of gold

We know we weren’t alone in watching Pirates of the Carribean and feeling a confused mixture of attraction to Captain Jack Sparrow, and jealousy over his undeniable eyeliner game. It just feels unfair for him to have it all. Luckily for us, Lorac has just revealed their Pirates collaboration of cosmetics, so Captain Jack Sparrow will no longer dominate both the open seas AND the smoky eye. We’ve now got a boat in this race.

When we first heard there was a Lorac Pirates of the Carribean collaboration in the works, our imaginations ran wild with visions of parrot-colored eyeshadow, mermaid shimmered pigments, and of course, Jack Sparrow-inspired eyeliner.

But now, finally, Lorac has gifted us with the first peek of the collection so we no longer have to imagine!

This is both a blessing and a curse for our wallets.

The full collection of pirate looks will be available for exclusive pre-sale on April 11th through the Lorac Cosmetics website.

In the meantime, we can gawk at the six lip shades, the vibrant 18-shade eyeshadow palette, and the six flirty cheek shades. We won’t lie, we wish we had a closer look, and that Jack Sparrow was modeling the looks.

We’ll vigilantly keep our eyes peeled for more sneak peeks, and of course, any attacking ships.

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