What a treasure: Lorac Cosmetics is launching a “Pirates of the Caribbean” beauty collection

As film studios turn to more unconventional marketing sources, we are seeing a pretty significant uptick in the amount of beauty collaborations launching in conjunction with new movies. The latest movie to throw their hat in the beauty ring is Pirates of the Caribbean, and we are so excited to see what kind of products their collaboration with Lorac Cosmetics will bring forth! We’re all familiar with the Pirates movies’ aesthetic, so this could mean some really cool, dark, gritty, slightly goth makeup is headed our way.

The next installment in the Pirates series comes out in late May, so we have a feeling that the Lorac collaboration will be available around that time as well!

We need more details! What do you think this collaboration will entail? One thing we are betting on is some seriously amazing Captain Jack eyeliner, please!

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He can’t keep it all to himself! Share the wealth, Captain Jack!

The collection will be available at Ulta when it’s released, so we have a feeling it’ll be sold at a reasonable price point and be easily accessible. Great news for us all!

And while the dark, earthy look is all well and good, we are also hoping to see some mermaid-inspired products as well!

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Can’t you just picture a dewy highlighter, or an iridescent green and purple eyeshadow palette? Though, let’s be real — these mermaids are badass underworld queens.

We can’t wait to see what exactly this wonderful collaboration will bring us, but we have a feeling it’s going to be pretty awesome. Keep your eyes peeled on Lorac’s social media for any updates that might come our way. We are dyinggggggg for some swatches, but we’ll take literally anything!

What do you think could be in there? An eyeshadow palette? A contour kit? Lipsticks? The possibilities are endless!

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