LORAC launched sunset-inspired eyeshadow palettes so you can channel your inner Bob Ross

You can now transform your eyelids into brightly colored impressionist visions of a summer sunset. How you may ask?! Well, Lorac Cosmetics is launching three eyeshadow palettes that look like they were taken directly from the sunset. We are feeling ready to artfully paint our eyelids with the sunset-inspired Lorac Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes as if we’re the reincarnation of Bob Ross. Perhaps, with less happy trees (unless you’re REALLY good at makeup), and more sunny sherbet shades.

The three new sunset-inspired additions to the UnZipped collection includes three palettes: the UnZipped Ocean sunset, the UnZipped Mountain Sunset, and the UnZipped Desert Sunset.

All three will be launching exclusively through the Lorac Cosmetics website, and they’re available now. They cost $42 a palette!

Each of the palettes includes 10 highly-pigmented eyeshadows, as well as a behind-the-scenes eye primer.

The Desert Sunset focuses on warm shades inspired by badlands and alabaster stretches of sand, and the hot red sunset. Fittingly, the Ocean Sunset features shades inspired by sea foam and a soft pink sunset. The Mountain Sunset is inspired by lush flora and a true rainbow effect.

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We have a feeling these will run out fast, so head on over to LORAC’s website before they’re gone.

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