The brand that brought us concha bath bombs just released a ’90s-themed collection for our nostalgic hearts

In the past couple years we’ve seen bath bombs go viral, and it makes total sense. The wild world of bath bombs offers something for everyone, whether you want to turn your tub into a unicorn paradise or make your bathwater the darkest midnight black possible. While we love seeing the iterations of everything and anything bath bomb, we have a special place in our heart for Loquita Bath and Body. The company, started by Mira Perez, mixes Mexican foods with pop culture for a line of bath products that are sure to invigorate your routine.

From their loved elote and concha bath bombs to their flan and gansito-inspired sugar scrubs, Loquita is the brand for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Now it’s for anyone who’s nostalgic for the ’90s, too. The brand’s latest drop, which happened today, is inspired by ’90s pop culture, referencing everything from Lisa Frank, to Jurassic Park, to Sailor Moon. Since the release has 40 pieces — including 20 new bath bombs — you can be sure you’ll find something you (and your skin) will love.

We talked to Mira about what inspired the brand to be vegan and cruelty-free, and what we can expect from the ’90s collection.

HelloGiggles: Can you tell us about how Loquita came to be?

Mira Perez: Well the name came from my husband, he says I am a “loca” [crazy] which I have to admit, I can be a loquita in the best way possible. The brand, however, came because I was throughly mesmerized by these bath and body companies catering to the “goth” style and as much as I love the dark or obscure I didn’t feel like it screamed “ME!’ So, I decided to create bombs that were nostalgic and that I could identify with.

HG: How do you decide which treats and sweets get the bath bomb makeover?

HG: Where else do you draw inspiration from?

MP: It can be anything from just a stroll down Northgate market with something catching my eye, or listening to a song and using the lyrics as inspiration. It could be musical, visual, a scent, a taste. My mind is constantly in creation mode.

HG: You’re releasing a ‘90s collection. Can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect?

MP: I am very excited about this launch, because it gives me an opportunity to show you how many levels I have; I am very versatile. Expect major nostalgia and flashbacks! Just bath bombs alone, there will be 20 new ones! The total amount of different products will be about 40. And we’re are shouting out the biggest ’90s baddie, Soraya!

HG: What inspired you to ensure your products are cruelty-free and vegan?

HG: Do you have a favorite product?

Loquita’s ’90s collection is out today, and here are some of our favorites. Click on the links to shop!

Alien Bath Bomb, $7


Sailor Moon-inspired Luna & Artemis Bath Bombs, $8


Sailor Moon-inspired Crystal Star Soap, $6

Lisa Frank-inspired Pegasus Bath Bomb, $5


Nancy from The Craft-inspired Bath Bomb, $6

Clever Girl Jurassic Park Sugar Scrub, $8


Nokia Phone Bath Bomb, $8

“Rose That Grew from Concrete” Tupac-inspired Bath Bomb, $7

The Crow Bath Bomb, $6.50

Troll Bath Bomb, $7

Fight Club Bath Bomb, $6

Shop Loquita’s entire line here.

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