These gorgeous, cascading loose braids are giving us #hairgoals

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fishtail, a waterfall, or a classic style, our Instagram feed is just full of envy-inducing braids. We’re talking about the types of braids that are fit for a Disney princess, since they look much easier to draw and animate than to actually do to our own hair.

Yet somehow, they exist in real life. Like this gorgeous, lavender-tinted creation:

This one is braids on braids on braids.

This loose half-braid looks deceivingly easy and highly stunning.

These are braids that disappears into other braids, for a finished braid style that looks gorgeous. #HAIRGOALS times ONE THOUSAND.

Here’s a rainbow braid that ends in a loose cascade of color.

This long, loose creation is giving us all the romantic, whimsical feels.

This long, playful take on braids is so much fun.

This loose braid is giving us major mermaid vibes.

If you find yourself with a braid that’s wound a bit too tight, you can give your style some variation just by flattening the braid to loosen it up (or “pancaking it“), making it look casual and effortless. For the record, making an intricate braid look effortless is a special sort of talent.

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