It looks like Lindsay Lohan is spending Christmas alone this year, and we really, truly get how she feels

Being alone for the holidays is always an interesting experience. It can be a little melancholy, a little nice (especially if you need a breather), and usually extremely reflective. So when we found out Lindsay Lohan was spending Christmas day alone (thanks to her most recent Insta post), we got it.

Lohan had told Page Six several days ago that she was considering staying abroad for Christmas and the New Year to do more work in refugee camps in Turkey and Antep (in case you missed it, Lohan has been spending much of her time in recent months devoted to the current refugee crisis).

And it appears that Lohan has definitely not returned to the states for the holiday season.

"Weird being Alone today. But, insightful. Especially before a new Year & A New Beginning," she wrote.

Lohan also included the picture of the music she’s listening to today — the track “Traveling” by musician James Spiteri. And she followed up the post with another shortly after:

"Sending love and light to the world!!!" she wrote.

It seems like Lindsay is actually very okay with spending today on her own. It also seems super clear that she’s entered a very reflective stage of life, and we have to say, we’re loving seeing her so happy and healthy.

We’re also just SO incredibly inspired by her service to others and her commitment to helping those in so much desperate need. Lindsay, we genuinely salute you and are going to try to take a page from your book in the coming year.

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