It looks like Katy Perry is going to prank her entire family for Christmas, and we’re already laughing

It’s no secret that we’re pretty obsessed with Katy Perry. She’s talented, hilarious, and has a sense of whimsy like no other. And Perry’s holiday game has been on point. She and BF Orlando Bloom recently dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus to visit a children’s hospital, and she’s also been posting some hilarious messages to Bloom’s Insta account (like when she told him he looked like Jennifer Aniston. Just sayin’.).

Now Katy has done EVEN MORE to solidify our love for her. And it comes in the form of goofy holiday pranks. That’s right. Perry just shared an Insta post of about a dozen super juvenile (in the best way possible) pranks and gags — we’re talking fake vomit, fake bugs, gag gum — the works.

"When my whole fam tryna have a peaceful holiday," she wrote.

LOL. Like seriously. LOL FOREVER. This assortment of cheap gags has our eight-year-old selves both jealous and cracking up. We’re wishing we had these at our disposal this very minute to cause mayhem amongst our various relatives and family friends.

Katy is officially our holiday spirit animal. And if it wasn’t clear from her love of pranks, it was definitely made clear this this:

"This holiday season be the girl that takes jump photos at the mall, wears activewear at night, wears uggs all day, treats herself to a Starbucks soy latte at 6pm," she wrote.


We’re wishing the whole Perry clan a very Merry Christmas, and seriously hope they survive the imminent prankageddon.

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