7 things that happen when your younger siblings look way older than you

1. People ask what it’s like being the baby of the family


You shrug and try to ignore the comment, while your younger siblings laugh their asses off standing next to you.

2. Relatives frequently confuse all of you


Grandma already confuses the kids on the phone, and it’s so much worse when she does it in person, at Christmas, when she’s handing out presents.

3. You’re given the kid’s menus/carded while the younger ones are not


Family dinners are meant to be awesome bonding experiences, but they can quickly take a left turn if you’re handed a paper menu with crayons. Not that like, you won’t totally 100% do the word search on the paper menu with the crayons, but you’d also like to order a drink with the meal, you know?

4. Everyone assumes you’re still in college


Even worse if you’re helping a younger sibling move in or out of college, or even visiting. It’s assumed that you’re the sophomore, and bystanders ask you about your major. Maybe you’ve gotten this so many times, you just start talking to them as if you are really a college student, and daydream about post-college plans even though you have a very important meeting at your actual ADULT JOB the next day.

5. Your parents try to age you up in the family holiday cards


Remember as kids when your parents used to dress you in matching outfits for the photos? Yeah, they’re still doing that, but you get a few more extra touches to your wardrobe in hopes of making everyone look roughly the same age…which is your age.

6. Strangers don’t assume you’re related 


If you’re ever out with a sibling, and happen to run in to one of their friends, introductions will occur. And then this friend will stare at you, bewildered, because there’s no way the two of you guys could be related. They just don’t see it!

7. You get hand-me-downs…from them


Looking younger than your siblings often means that you are physically smaller than your siblings. That means, when they grow out of something, or no longer want something, it’s yours for the taking.