Here’s how looking at a picture of a cute bunny could save your relationship

When you think about the things that contribute to a strong, lasting relationship, we’re sure the last thing on your mind is bunnies. It may sound crazy, but recent studies have proven that people in relationships who see bunny pics with their SO become happier and more satisfied in their partnership.

This is technically called evaluative conditioning, and it’s a phenomenon in which you associate a person or thing with another person or thing that already holds a certain feeling in your mind. In other words, if you love a cute bunny (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll feel more affection toward your partner if you see them next to said cute bunny.

Researchers at Florida State University, the University of Tennessee, and the University of Minnesota discovered this firsthand. They saw that there was a boost in relationship satisfaction when one partner flipped through photos of their SO alongside adorable little animals or hanging out on a beach.

Seeing their sweetheart with a cute bunny also made participants feel warmer toward and more attracted to their partner.

While this may sound like nothing but good news, keep in mind that evaluative conditioning also works when it comes to the negative stuff. Jim McNulty, a professor at Florida State and the lead researcher on the study, told the Wall Street Journal that this could pose a problem for the relationship.

"We come to associate our partners with these negative effects, and they very reliably lead to relationship dissatisfaction," McNulty said.

Stick to the positive images of a cute bunny instead if you want to keep things rosy between you and your SO. You might even find that this cute bunny is the saving grace in your relationship.

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