This super rad lady will direct John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’

They say good things come to those who wait, and it feels like we’ve been waiting FOR-EV-ER for any sort of news about a film adaptation of John Green’s Looking For Alaska. Well, the loooooong wait is finally over, and the YA novel is going the way of Green’s The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns and officially getting the Hollywood treatment. How’d we find out this glorious news? Green super casually mentioned on Twitter yesterday that he had some “really big” news coming soon, and come it did. The film is happening. AND, there’s now — drum roll, pleasea female director attached to it.

Not just any female director, either. Indie film director Rebecca Thomas has been given the reigns to the movie, and we know she is absolutely going to rock it. She is so far best known for her film Electrick Children, which earned her a Someone To Watch nomination at the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards, and currently sits with an impressive 86% fresh on RottenTomatoes. It’s a film about teenagers, their choices, young love, and running away, so can she handle Looking for Alaska? You bet.

(Super-quick debrief on Looking for Alaska: It was Green’s first YA novel, and it’s all about two teens (Pudge and Alaska) who meet at boarding school and (as is the case with Green novels) nothing is ever the same again.)

As for Thomas, she is also a mega important choice for director thanks to the issue of gender. Not to bring it up again, but female directors continue to be widely underrepresented in the industry, so this is a huge leap in the right direction. Following the insane success of Fault, and what is sure to be a big hit Paper Towns, it’s about time a mega-hit Green story was handed over to a woman. A million thumbs up to this one.

Thomas also tweeted her excitement into the world:

The Looking for Alaska script will be adapted from the book by the same team that tackled Green’s other two novels, Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. There’s no word at all about the cast, yet, but let’s bring up the fact that Green’s already got big ideas for the movie.

We like the sound of absolutely everything happening here.

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