Another girl found her lookalike on the Internet and they’re spending Christmas together

There’s an old joke by the late, great comedian Mitch Hedberg – who was famous for his one-liners and would’ve probably been the most-followed Twitter user, had he lived to see the beauty of the Twitter era – that goes, “I used to lie in my twin bed and wonder where my brother was.” We laugh, but chances are he may have at least found his doppelganger at some point if he hadn’t passed away way too soon.

I mean, Leonardo DiCaprio has one in Sweden. Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles all have them. Even random folks on planes and those who live only an hour from each other have non-related twins – and if How I Met Your Mother can be trusted, we ALL have a doppelganger.

So now it’s time for “I Found My Doppelganger: Christmas Edition.” The stars? Two girls from different countries who found each other using the doppelganger networking website called Twin Strangers. They connected,and then one of them traveled from her home country of Sweden to Dublin to meet the other.

In the video posted on Twitter, Sara chronicles her journey to Dublin to meet Shannon. Pause because, come on, Sara and Shannon? Are we sure they aren’t long-lost actual twins?

Anyway, when the blonde beauties are finally united, they go out to walk around the city (which is decorated beautifully for Christmas) and bond instantly. A stranger even asks if they’re twins, giving them a quizzical “I don’t believe you at all” look when they tell her they aren’t even related.

“Our noses, our eyes…we have the exact same ears…lips, expressions, pout, smile… it’s just weird,” Shannon notes in the video, which also shows the girls doing each other’s hair and laughing together, proving that their connection goes way past their looks.

All these adorable lookalikes are giving new meaning to #twinning, and prove just how powerful the Internet can be. We’re so glad Sara and Shannon found each other just in time for the holiday season, adding to the pool of folks giving us hope that someday we, too, can find our long-lost twins.

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