Inside the wild mind of Vine star Simply Sylvio

“Mail Order Interviews” are illustrated interviews with awesome humans conducted via mail. This particular one is with Simply Sylvio, a Vine star and all around groovy gorilla. Here’s what you need to know about him:

Though Simply Sylvio claims to be just an ordinary gorilla trying to live a simple life, he’s anything but oridinary.  He’s a cheese curl-eating, Garfield-loving Vine star with an affinity for making quirkiness happen 6 seconds at a time.

  Simply Sylvio’s the most popular gorilla on Vine with a following of 250K that is continuously on the rise.  An ape of few words, Sylvio manages to speak volumes without saying anything through his artful and light hearted Vines.  Sylvio’s surreal mini video masterpieces make him, in my opinion, the coolest gorilla on the Internet.

Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know Sylvio’s work, here’s what he had to say when we handed him some colored pens and a Mail Order Interview to fill out:   

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