These #LongOverdueApps on Twitter are GENIUS

There are millions of apps.

Maybe billions.

Ok, probably just millions. Still though, that’s a lot of apps. But for every app that exists, there’s an app that doesn’t exist.

How many times have you said out loud, “That’s a great idea for an app,” but then you never took it a step further? People constantly have brilliant ideas for apps, but they don’t have the resources, the money, the time or the desire to bring that idea to fruition.

That’s why Twitter user @TheGoodtimeClub asked people to tweet ideas they have for apps. Using the hashtag #LongOverdueApps, people have been tweeting their ideas for apps they wish existed, and some of them are legit genius.

As it turns out, there are TONS of apps that don’t exist but really should. Also, some humans have really clever ideas.

Like this really generous lady:

This guy’s willingness to get to the root of the problem (if there’s even a problem):

And this woman’s brilliant solution to internet trolls: false

Because we all know what’s really important in a relationship:

Damage control: false

Damage avoidance:

Extremely useful:

Just yes: false

So useful:

And our all time favorite:

What are your great ideas for #longoverdueapps? Personally, we’re leaning toward one that could send us a puppy to hug anytime we needed it.

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